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Hoi everyone! Fez does TF manga of anime characters and other stuff for fun so check out my gallery, give a fav or comment and expect more to come yah!


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Amazing artist that have inspired me. Be sure to watch them!


List of stuff Fez intends to do in the future:

1) Draw Gladion's TF
2) Draw Professor Burnet's TF
3) Draw Red and Green's TF (Alola outfit)
4) Draw Faba's TF
5) Draw Lusimine's UB TF

Reference Websites:


Apr 23, 2017
12:17 pm
Apr 23, 2017
12:04 pm
Apr 23, 2017
11:59 am
Apr 23, 2017
11:39 am
Apr 23, 2017
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[Before I go into detail, I want to state my opinion on tags in particular.]


To start things off, I myself is not a huge fan of tags since they are normally messy and in my opinion a HUGE waste of time. I know that they are a fun way to get to know others better but the RULES of this tag in particular shows how UNFAIR and ANNOYING tags can be. So, with that said, Fez'll try its best to do this tag in a clear and orderly manner with some minor adjustments to the rules.

Tagged by :icontheprismowl:

[little starNEWlittle star]Rules:

1) Post all the rules
2) Answer the questions given by the tagger, and invent 7 questions for the people you are tagging next.
3) Tag no more than 12 people
4) You are allowed to say you don't do tags* [Previously you HAVE to do them even if you don't want to]
5) Tag-backs is optional* [This is so people who have already done tags will not be bothered by more]

[little starANSWERSlittle star]Questions:

1) What's your most favorite Pokemon type?
   - Flying.

2) Who are your closest friends in dA so far?
   - Probably :icondinodoggo: and :iconshiiriru: and many others who are like Pokemon since Fez can't pick a favorite

3) Would you reveal your real face or tell your real name?
   - Not likely. I like to keep my identity a secret so to let my other watchers have fun finding out who I am.

4) Tfed or TGed?
   - TFed. In regards to TGs, some people are against the idea since Transgender in real life is a big issue regarding religion.

5) What's your opinion in stealing copyright? (ex. Turning Clemont from Pokemon XY to your OWN  OC)
   - Highly against it. It is safe to say that you temporally use that character for certain purpose but claiming it as your OWN is a whole different matter. I won't get into details but I'm sure that every artist would understand this.

6) If you get a chance to turn one of yours OCs to life, who would it be and why?
   - I'm Fez. I'm already my own OC so what's there to choose? [Fez is my internet persona]

7) Final question. What's your favorite subject in school?
   - Science


My Questions:

1) What is your least favourite thing to do on your free time?
2) Have you ever had a favourite plush which you still keep by your side?
3) Do you consider yourself to be a tidy person?
4) When it comes to horror, do you prefer Eastern or Western?
5) What is your opinion on overrated Pokemon? [Eevee, Lucario, Dragonite, Charizard ect] 
6) Which mangaka do you truly respect?
7) Do you support tags? [This question may be unnecessary]


:icongabthenostalgic: :iconveldu9: :iconfuwoops: :iconriolufan1987: :iconfire-mutt: :iconlackedragon: :icongorchard:

[I am only tagging 7 people since there are 7 questions]


For those who wants to see what the original rules are, here it is:

1 - You have to post ALL the rules.
2 - Answer 7 questions asked to you and invent 7 questions for tagged people to answer.
3 - Choose as many people you like.
4 - You legitimately have to tag 12 people.
5 - You CAN'T say you don't do tags.
6 - Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED.
7 - YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the Journal Entry.
8 - You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks.

Seems fair yah. and also, the people Fez haz tagged are BTW random cause another problem with tags is that you have to think of people to tag. This journal took me 1.5hs to write.
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  • Drinking: Water


Fez knows that this is gonna make some peps a lil mad but halfway through hatching Rowlet eggs, I decided to give up only after 20+ cause I wanted to hatch a Hawlucha. Decided to leave them at the Poke-Pelago then this happened only after 2 egg...

New Doc 2017-04-16 11 by FezMangaka[Changing the name cause spelling mistake]

To top it off, Fez got a 6IV Japanese Ditto which is shiny from the GTS. Traded it for a Cleffa. Just wanted to try some competitive breeding.

New Doc 2017-04-16 10 by FezMangaka
Just... Wow... Much wow...

PS: Who wants a Bold Trapinch? Trading for a male one named Faba cause Fez named it Sassy Faba since it's female. 
Someone from Japan traded my shiny Riolu for a limited event shiny Tapu.Koko!!! Г(ÒWÓ")Г
This is so insane! And it's legit too. With the Classic ribbon nyaaa!!!

20170422 160800 by FezMangakaCheck this bad boy out. So very cool whoa
20170421 110330 by FezMangaka
Successfully hatched a shiny Litten via Masuda method. ^w^ It took roughly about 70+ eggs but I guess this method works after all.

My previously hatched shiny was a Miltank back when I used to play Pokémon Emerald. It was unintentional and I was quite surprised.
How to get a shiny Pyukumuku
Just a rough guild that Fez finds to be the most effective.

1) Recommended to have a Decidueye who knows False swipe
2) Have a Pokemon that knows Toxic spikes
3) Give Leftovers to Decidueye 
4) Have Pokemon with Harvest ability, moves Bestow and Skill swap hold a Lepapa berry
5) Have a Pokemon with Trick hold a Pecha berry

What to do:
1) Encounter Pyukumuku
2) Skill swap and Bestow the pokemon (Pokemon with harvest ability)
3) Use Toxic spikes
4) Change to Decidueye with False swipe 

Step 2: When the Pokemon runs out if PP, it can eat the berry and harvest it
Step 3: When Pyukumuku SOS calls, the spikes will poison it. The Pokemon holding the Pecha berry needs to be called out in case the Shiny is poisoned
Step 4: Use False swipe to lower the called Pyukumuku who will be poisoned if not protected by Safeguard. Leaves it with 1HP and poison will faint it for you. 

Since Pyukumuku has a low call rate of only 6, Leftovers will heal you just in time for the next battle. 
Decidueye is a ghost type so strong attacks like counter will not affect you
Caught a shiny Grubbin and named it Z-TLE. Not the most creative of all names but if you peps can suggest a better one, might end up nameing it as suggested. 

Bold nature and almost 5 perfect IVs BTW


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Please refer my work as manga rather than comics. =w=;

Which anime crossover Pokemon TFs works best? [Just asking] 

51 deviants said Legend of Zelda [Know it's not technically but still cool]
40 deviants said Fairytail
38 deviants said Fullmetal Alchemist
21 deviants said Eh Fez honestly only did these but what do you think?
16 deviants said One Piece


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WeisstheAbsol Featured By Owner 1 day ago
If a Pokemon is covered in glitter and it's NOT a shiny, would you still consider it shiny? :3
FezMangaka Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
Nyus, cause it still sparkles and Fez luvs shiny things
WeisstheAbsol Featured By Owner 1 day ago
So... Does Fez want a shiny coin? :3
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